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Star's short hair style

Cut hair, not only allows the hair to show a better health, entertainment also has such a "short hair red concept", in particular, is the long-haired stars, although the beauty but not enough visibility, and Whenever cut long hair, for a short hair styling, immediately received the attention of the media and higher support. "More and more short" but "more red" become a trend.

Victoria Beckham
From the Spice Girls Group debut singing "Wanna Be" to the now popular in the world of Victoria, short hair really helped her a lot of busy, take a look at her years of change, hair is getting shorter and shorter, and grade and fashion degree The higher, married to all women are jealous of Mr. Beckham, do their own brand business, "short hair rejuvenation of the first person" non-she must go!

Star 2 Paris Hilton
The circle of hot hot female rich cut is also the head of the hair smashing moment. Before the golden shoulder-length large volume has not been the majority of media attention, since the hair cut to the length of Qi ears, the ladies of the scale is growing, the beach kiss, countless boyfriend really let her Became the focus of paparazzi tracking.

Star 3 Robin Rehanna
In a singing competition is well-known producer of the value of Rihanna can be described as early years of fame, her superb singing is destined to become a good singer. And now she has been the major fashion magazines reported and concerned about the reasons in addition to her acting on the road to enhance the quality of the day, the more important is to cut a long black hair cut short hair, unique temperament for fashion commentators large plus Appreciation.

Song Hye Kyo
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From the "Blue Love" began, Song Hye Kyo a hit, when she gave the audience long hair sweet and affectionate and affectionate image of the established in 2004, "Full House" and South Korea first-line actor Rain's screen Sparks also let her popularity soared. But the long hair and curly hair, she still left the audience the original impression, in 2009, Song Hye Kyo in fashion in a big step, "W" magazine cover for the first time she tried Tom Boy short hair styling, fashion watchers in front of A light!(Instyler)

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Autumn and winter cold season requires daily shampoo it?

One to fall and winter cold and dry season, many people feel like summer sweat easily prone hair oil, shampoo frequently worry will damage hair, so it will reduce the frequency and number of shampoo. In fact, every day is a luxurious shampoo, do the following points, it would have a good hair.

One to fall and winter cold and dry season,ShowLiss PRO Curl Bright Blue many people feel like summer sweat easily prone hair oil, shampoo frequently worry will damage hair, so it will reduce the frequency and number of shampoo.

There are some people into the fall and winter seasons, they will start to worry about a lot a lot of hair loss. In fact, one day off per person but dozens of hairs normal. The autumn and winter, the hair is in the rest period, plus the temperature drops, the weather is dry, less fat in the scalp, so hair loss is easier than in other seasons, especially in people with weak stomach.

In fact, every day is a luxurious shampoo, do the following points,ShowLiss PRO Curl Red it would have a good hair.

1. In fact, the best time is at bedtime shampoo. Wash your hair at night together with a clean bath, then dry the right way, it is the best way to clean.

2. Choose hair products, it is best not to use powerful type of grease and dandruff shampoo, you can choose a mild shampoo or moisturizing repair natural hair products, at the same time you want to use hair conditioner.
When shampooing, and occasionally add a little beer can in the water, salt or vinegar, which also can prevent and reduce hair loss.

3. wash your hair every day to maintain the best condition of the scalp and hair health, but because the weather is dry, hair is easily damaged, becomes edgy. If after shampooing hair after blow hair look shiny enough, you can use hair oil, a protective layer can be formed on the surface of your hair, effective against external damage, fresh and not greasy.(Showliss Pro Blue Light heat hair removal white)

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Cause of hair grow faster

Many people feel that their rate of hair growth is particularly slow, so in the end how the hair grow faster yet. Today, the increasing alopecia patients, more and more people are concerned about hair loss problem, in fact, the growth rate of hair and our body nutrition are closely linked. According to expert analysis, hair nutrition is the key to hair growth, once in short supply or nutritional imbalance occurs, it is possible to produce hair loss. Please tell me the following detailed description of what went to see it!

First, the hair as an integral part of the human body,ShowLiss Pro Steam Curl Red its growth rate and the health of the human body are inseparable! Healthy body can ensure the growth of hair the necessary nutrients, and can make the hair away from hazards, and thus can be healthy and rapid growth ! So, if we want the hair grow faster, we must first ensure their own health!

And in doing their own health maintenance, we also need to make the necessary aftercare hair. Hair is a very strange beings, hair growth also needs to learn from their own scarce nutrients from the growth of the human body, specifically, how to make hair grow faster is to do the following three aspects:

First: Make sure the hair can learn plenty of vitamins and minerals. The right vitamins and minerals for hair growth plays an important role. Malnutrition can cause hair growing thin, and even bald. Insufficient thyroid activity can cause frizzy and fragile hair, on the contrary, if the normal thyroid activity, you can make hair shiny supple.

We also need to take the appropriate amino acid or vitamin B group, these elements can promote the growth gene circulation speed. Others such as: B-6, vitamin H, inositol, or folic acid, have helped. In addition, some minerals, such as: magnesium, sulfur, silica and zinc to maintain healthy hair is very helpful. Carotene is also essential for hair growth. This is because when the body needs when converted into vitamin A, can maintain the natural growth and bone development, maintenance outer covering of nerve fibers, in order to enjoy a healthy skin, hair and nails. Carotene can be taken up into the green or yellow fruits and vegetables.

Second: the hair, add plenty of protein, because protein is the main component of hair. Protein on the hair is very important because most of the components of hair is protein, and protein deficiency caused by excessive weight loss or delay would cause hair fragile hair growth cycle. If you are rich in protein intake to lose weight, it will usually accelerate the hair growth cycle.

So how to make hair grow faster For this problem, some nutrition experts recommend daily nutritional intake to include yeast, wheat germ, lecithin to strengthen hair growth, toughness and beauty. Other possible uptake into protein foods are fish, eggs, beans, yogurt. Soy protein has also been found beneficial for hair growth. Studies have found that soy not only helps to strengthen the hair toughness is its growth. Tofu is the best intake of soy foods.

Third: the right to treat their hair, the right to maintain their health. In fact, how to make hair grow faster this problem, we blindly pursue trick when more should do is to maintain the hair's normal! Because, if we can ensure that hair has a good growth environment, natural hair Some can grow faster!

Life, many factors are impede hair growth, excessive stress and certain drugs for hair growth is very unfavorable. If your current physical condition due to medication, you have to start according to doctor's prescription medication job. If you're faced with many pressures, so reducing stress is helpful. Try meditation or other relaxation methods to relieve the pressure of life. Your hair will be glad you did. Another secret is to make hair healthy rest and sleep. The study also found that, to make hair grow fast enough sleep is necessary.

In the understanding of how the hair grow faster, we also need to add hair the necessary nutrients. Proper diet, exercise, reduce stress, rest as well as a lot of sleep, then you do that expand Pianxiang hair growth potential of a major step forward. You may need vitamin or mineral supplement may also be used for example to purchase exclusive formula specifically designed for the hair care vitamin. Although we all know that getting enough vitamins or minerals beneficial to hair health, but in fact, it is generally difficult to discern whether or not getting enough light, so supplement vitamin pills may be a convenient way from food.(Showliss Pro Bright Purple Deluxe Gift Set)

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Daily care of wigs

How to care for wigs, and now many young people are like through the wig to transform a variety of shapes, but for wig care, but poorly understood, and even some people know one or two, but completely ignore its importance, this approach is wrong. Weekdays good wig needs careful care, for many reasons, proper care can greatly extend the life of the wig, and let wig hair remains on a high quality standard. The following is a wig care of some basic common sense, we want to help.

1, to prevent near heat, because ordinary wigs are not high temperature material, and only high-temperature wire wig made of FF in order to be hot, volumes, folders, and other operations;

2, wig can not stain, if you need advice ask a professional hair stylist trim finishing haircut;

3, wig without regular cleaning, if frequent use is generally in January - February washed once, if not often use, we recommend do not wash;

4, wash with cold water or warm water (water temperature 25-30 ℃) rinsing, in conjunction with a small amount of shampoo soak for 5-10 minutes, you can manually tap;

5. Try not to wash the wig with a hair dryer like hot wind dry with a dry towel and gently suck the water on a wig and placed ventilated place to dry, avoid direct sunlight;

6. Do not comb wigs immediately after washing, you should wait wig done later comb;

7, a wig should use special steel tooth comb comb, plastic comb easily lead to rough and knotted wigs; hair does not recommend the use of steel Comb, you can just hand slightly rearranged;

8, if knotted bad comb wig when do not pull hard, first spray on a dedicated non-oily wig maintenance solution and then slowly try to carefully comb to open;

9, do not spray gel water on the wig, mousse and the like to use real hair wig styling will become sticky agents such as modeling wax need to be used in small amounts but should be cleaned as soon as possible after;

11, using a dedicated non-oily wig maintenance solution can become smooth and shiny wig and prevent static electricity, so that the wig has maintained moisture status as just the same as when bought;

12, the wig is tied up, but be careful not to tie braids hairnet or too high so as not to expose their real hair;

13, a relatively long wig, combing the time to wig points long paragraphs, from the bottom up, the intensity should be gentle, be patient;

14, a small amount of hair wig is a normal phenomenon in the process of finishing the wearer;

15, wig when not in use back in its original packaging, which can prevent deformation generated by gravity, if it is temporary, then you can not use a wig special bracket placement, to take the rejection when it restored to their original look.

By learning how to care for wigs we have to understand it? As long as we keep in mind that more than 15 points, and proper care wig. Your wig can long dazzling.(BY

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Hair bifurcation is what causes?

Can have a beautiful black hair is a dream for many people, there can be hair bifurcation problem so many people from this beautiful dream shattered. Split ends will make the hair as a whole looks very edgy, seriously affecting the image. So, how do the majority of split ends hair Friends of common problems. So, with many hair some doubt, Xiao Bian today to talk about the problem of how to do hair fork hair faithful.

Many people in the situation after the hair appear bifurcation, like yourself scissors that cut the herd all right. In fact, this approach will not only solve the bifurcation problem, but also the structure of the hair damage. That hair fork how to do it? Do you want to know how to do hair fork must first know the cause of hair bifurcation what. In fact, lead to a lot of hair dry fork out the reasons for, say, malnutrition, chemical injury, long-term stay up late, smoking. So, how do split ends? The first is from the beginning to develop good habits. In addition, small series also has appeared split ends hair problem Friends provide a treatment hair fork small coup. As we all know, care facial mask by doing method of providing nutrients to the face, then hair can provide nutrients for the hair made by the method of doing the film. Can first wetting the hair shampoo, and then oil or fat film evenly on the hair, then the hair with plastic wrap paper, over 15-20 minutes to wash clean. Such methods can be locked hair protein and moisture, provide more nutrients for the hair.

Hair fork how to do? Xiao Bian believe, do not wait until the hair is really a problem and then do the repair, weekdays hair care is more important. How to do it daily hair care? Xiaobian summed up the following few.

1) reduce erosion chemicals, try not to perm, hair color and so on.

(2) Reduction of UV radiation for a long time.

(3) Select the appropriate efforts to clean shampoo, try not to use cleaning intensity is too strong, too strong alkaline shampoo.

(4) should not stay up late, stay up all night long cause endocrine disorders, leading to hair loss.

(5) reduce the use of a hairdryer.(Showliss Pro hair removal)


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